Mushroom bento

I don't know who stole the weekend, but I would really want to have it back. I have the feeling that I blinked on Friday night and all of a sudden it's almost Monday again. :o(

I didn't post Friday's bentos, so I'm doing it quickly before Monday blues gets to me.

My black sakura bento had carrot wrapped enoki, shitake, the last of the zucchini cakes, rice, cheese and carrot cut outs, some olives and cherry tomatoes and clementine for dessert.

Sweetie's bento had (1) in the bottom tier : leftover potatoes and sausage from Thursday night and (2) in the top tier : shitake and enoki, carrot/cheese cutouts, olives and cherry tomatoes.

Nothing special nor recipe worthy, so that's all I have to comment on these.

Tomorrow another week starts : yay :o)

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Lil'chan said...

Ich liebe diese große Box. Sie hat so eine wunderschäne Blütenform. ^-^ Aber ich wüsste nicht, wie ich sie richtig füllen sollte. Hehe.

Sieht wie immer beides sehr lecker aus =) Ich freue mich auch auf die neue Woche, aber auch wieder nicht, da ich sehr viel zu tun haben werde =/ Ich hoffe deine wird wunderschön =^-^=