Sakura bento

A rather large picture of my bento today, because I am particularly pleased by the way it turned out. And it didn't only look good, but tasted delicious as well. What more can one ask of a lunchbox.

Like yesterday's bento, this one has its fair share of fruity vitamins, because part of those fruits are my breakfast. And the fact that this bento has little removeable trays makes it extra handy for this purpose :o)

Clockwise starting from the top there are : (1) strawberries, blackberries & redcurrant (2) kiwi gold and clementine (3) leeksprouts, cucumber, olives, radish and babybell cheese (4) green salad, left over slices of Orloff roast we had for dinner (5) farfalle salad with parmesan, basil and sundried tomatoes.

P. has been asking for a bread based bento for a few days and now that my pan-da sandwich maker arrived wit the bento order, it seemed like the right opportunity to put it to use. As indicated in the instructions, I toasted the bread lightly before putting the filling in and cut/seal the borders. The first one loosened up almost immediately but the second sadnwich seemed to hold even though the bread cracked. I guess I'll just have to practise a bit more.

The yellow veggie tier has salad, leek sprouts, tomatoes, olives, bell pepper and carrot flowers, beemster cheese, radish, hummus with zathar (storebought although I have seen easy looking recipes on the net) and sesame grissini.

Two toasted sandwiches with smoked duck (smoked meats and fish are a recurrent ingredient for sweetie's bentos). And red fruits for dessert : raspberries, strawberries, redcurrant and blackberries.

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Lil'chan said...

Wow, this flower box looks adorable! The shape is great! And you have a hand for filling it right ;) Beautiful and delicious looking ;)

Oh, I'm jealous! I want this sandwich maker,too. But I haven't had the money to buy it *sigh* I hope your sandwiches will soon come great, so that you can show us what's inside ;)