Tandoori and pasta bentos

When I made my bento last night, I knew I wouldn't have time for breakfast, so I thought I'd make it a brunch box, containing both breakfast and lunch. This explains the XXL fruit section of today :o)

In the savoury tier, there is saffron rice with bell peper and green beans on top, tandoori chicken, pineapple, mixed salad with radish cucumber and carrot.

And the fruit tier : canned peach (because fresh ones are out of season :o( ), strawberries, clementine and redcurrants. I normally don't like any red/blue/black fruits except for strawberries, but I am trying to make mysef eat other fruits. It will be a looong way before I will ever be eating cherries (yuck!) but I bought some raspberries, redcurrant and blackberries an should be giving them a try this week.

As sweetie isn't a fan of indian food and tandoori in particular, I had to come up with something different to fill the owan bento. Although I have to admit that I didn't strain myself on this one :o)

Bottom : farfalle salad with chicken strips
Top : carrot flowers, bell pepper sticks, cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, olives and radish all on a bed a salad.

And a mini bag of M&Ms for dessert :o)

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