Peach tuna bento

Why do weekends always seem so short. I have the feeling that I just blinked and it is Monday again. Now, I am usually grumpy on Mondays, but when it is grey and rainy like today, the Monday blues strikes hard.

And as I can't find any colour in the drab outside world, I tried to bring the sun a bit in our first bentos of the week.

Today sweetie's bento has a homemade tuna salad with peach slices. I don't know about other parts of the world but the peach/tuna combo is rather popular around here. They sell sandwiches with this on and also ready made salad bowls containing this yummy ingredients. Nothing beats the homemade version though, especially since the tuna isn't drowned in mayo when you make it yourself.
The second tier of the bento has tomato/boursin/olive/bell flower skewers, carrot balls (found these in the healthy snack section at the gas station (!) yesterday evening), a piece of beemster and a heart shaped egg. I think I am starting to master the egg molding art, because they come out better every time :o)

I also discovered a new way of peeling hard boiled eggs. While I was looking at videos on youtube on how to fold t-shirts the japanese way (fabulous technique by the way), I came across this quick egg peeling technique and it works! Usually I always rip of some of the egg white whith the shell, but this time the egg was spotless. A nice disovery (even if it apparently is an advertisement for a mobile network provider) !

How to tuna salad :

- 1 can of tuna (I used natural but I guess you can use the oil version as well)
- 1/2 of a red onion
- mayonnaise
- parsley
- seasoning

It's not really a recipe because you just mix all the ingredients together. Drain the tuna, and loosen it up with a fork, add the diced onion, chopped parsley and a tablespoon of mayonnaise (for binding it all). Mix everything together with a fork (adding a bit of mayo if it is too dry) and season to taste (salt, pepper, nutmeg, ...)

My bento on the other hand is mainly what's left over from Sunday's dinner : a pork/veggie/rice noodle stirfry (soy sprouts, brocoli, onion, carrots with a Santa Maria lime/coconut seasoning mix).

And in the bottom tier : diced red bell pepper, beemster cheese, tomato, more carrots ball, olives, star shaped egg and cucumber.

Buen provecho !

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Angi said...

Just found your blog and looking through I love all the different ways you cut cucumbers.