Breaded chicken and potatoes bentos

Making my bentos last night, proved quite a challenge : my fridge is desperately empty and I had to use all my imagination to be able to fill them up. I really should do some grocery shopping today, and maybe I should even buy a lottery ticket. Shouldn't a girl born on a Friday 13 have tremendous luck on another Friday 13? I'll only know if I play of course. And if I do win, I'm sure an empty fridge won't be a challenge anymore :o)

But I should quit the daydreaming and tell you more about these little bentos. For me, it's again a single tier bento today lined with green salad bowl and filled with roasted mini potatoes (krielaardappelen in Dutch) and breaded chicken, cucumber slices, kumato wedges, a carrot flower with a quail egg, mushrooms and a tomato/olive/boursin cheese/carrot skewer.

By the way, I just received a shipping confirmation of my new Bento&Co order, so by the end of next week, I should be able to have a cuter looking single tier bento to take to the office (even my colleague made a remark on my ordinary tupper yesterday "Tupperware? No pretty box today?", ah, the pressure of high expectations :o) ) I'll post pics of the boxes when they arrive.

As for the second bento, except for a different presentation the ingredients remain the same. The right tier seems a bit empty, but in order to close the box I had to move things around a bit so it ended up more filled than on this picture.

On the left : roasted potatoes, breaded chicken, carrot flower with quail egg, cucumber lotus flower with carrot heart, mini tomato/olive/boursin cheese skewers.

On the right : kumato and cucumber slices, clementine, grape, mini banana and some daim chocolates.

And that was the last bento of the week, because it is Friday at last. And to end this post on a witty remark :

Saturdays and Sundays are the strongest days of the week
because all the other days are week days XD

Have a great weekend, everybody !

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