Bento & Co order

My new order from Bento & Co arrived yesterday and I think I should consider myself lucky for receiving it as quickly. It all started when I placed the order: I mistakenly indicated France as the shipping address instead of Belgium O_o. Luckily Thomas from Bento&Co noticed my mistake and corrected it himself, sending it to the right chocolate country **sigh of relief**

Then I kept checking the tracking site to see where the box was (because once ordered, it can never arrive too soon) and on Monday morning I saw it had arrived and had been cleared by customs. Yes ! Monday goes by, no parcel. Tuesday at noon, still no parcel. Eventually, I had to phone Fedex to get it, because they messed something up in their system and didn't want to deliver it before Friday (something about this being sent economy). Apparently they didn't see the urgency of me getting my "plastic kitchen ware" O_o

And to complete the saga, once I got the parcel I had the unpleasant surprise to find it had been opened. Everything is OK on the inside (luckily), but even if it's for "customs purposes", I don't like it when someone goes through my things. But then again, maybe I made the customs officer curious about bentos and that might be a good thing for him/her. :o)

So here are the two large size picknick bentos that arrived.

Normally the complete bento is designed for 2 persons, but I will use only one of the tiers, which is the perfect size to fit my breakfast fruits as well as lunch. I couldn't find any single tier bento of the right size, so I opted for this solution. Only down point compared to the others I have, is that these aren't dishwasher/microwave safe, but given how pretty they are that's only a minor inconvenience :o)

I already used one of them for today's bento (see next post).

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