Vegetarian & non-vegetarian bentos

Aargh ... these internet connection problems are really killing me. You never know how much you are addicted to the net and modern technologies until you are brutally cut off. I hope the connection will keep up until I complete my post ** fingers crossed **

I wasn't very inspired by the contents of my fridge yesterday.  Nice ideas, but not the ingredients to work them out. :o/

Anyway, P. got the large bento today, so I could include the dessert section in the box instead of in a sidecar. This bento ended up being vegetarian, which is wasn't really my goal :

Top tier : clementine with grape, peanut M&Ms, pineapple slices covered with white chocolate, little gem salad with carrot and cucumber rolls and sliced radish

Bottom tier : mini green asparagus/raw ham roll, soy nuggets, purple rice onigiri with zucchini slice, babybel cheese, mini red bell pepper filles with corn and goat cheese/zucchini "maki" rolls.

I, on the other hand, took my cute pink and black neko bento to the office today :o)

Not a vegetarian bento for me but neveretheless lots of veggies. My Tuesday lunch consisted of :

Top : "indian" chicken filet rolls, purple rice on a bed of leek sprouts, a small purple pepper filled with the goat cheese (left over from the rolls in the other tier), cucumber, carrots & bell pepper sticks

Bottom : goat cheese "maki" rolls, corn, radish, snow peas and green (sesame) asperagus wrapped with raw ham.

I didn't take pictures of the dessert I had, but I brought me some Leopold III grapes again (it's the season) and a clementine.

Buen provecho!

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