Kreativ blogger award

Gamene from Bentozen, an inspiring bentoist who "decorates her soy chicken nuggets with little bear faces" (sic) kindly nominated me for a KREATIV BLOGGER award!  My first award ever,OMG .. the pressure   ^_^

But being nominated is only part of the game.  Apparently I should post seven interesting facts about myself, and then nominate seven other bloggers. Finding seven things to enumerate shouldn't be too hard, finding interesting ones might proof a challenge though.  Better trow myself into the deep end and get started with this ^_^

(1) Living in a country with three official languages (two of which I spoke at home), I was spoonfed linguistic love and unsurprisingly, when the time came to go to university, I decided I needed to learn some more.  I got my interpreter's degree back in 1996 and nowadays speak 6 languages (Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Italian & German).  And because I'm nerd/geek/loony* (* pick one - or all ^_^), I  am currently trying to learn Japanese.  Trying being the key word , because mastering kanji is HARD (and even that is an understatement).  It's also through my interest for Japan and all related things, that I ended up making bentos.

(2) I used to play the piano but haven't touched it in years. I should pick it up again (after tuning it because at the moment it sounds horrible) but always find some excuse not to : too much work, need to go shopping, would rather be crafting, ... On the other hand, I'd love to learn how to play saxophone.  Another entry on my bucket list.

(3) I love animals and have always had pets in my life. Currently I am being bossed around by two British shorthairs Lancelot & Lisa Lynn, Lotje and Lily for short.

(4) I passed my practical driving exam 7 years after taking the theoretical exam. As I didn't own a car, I found it useless to take the pratical exam. So I only got my driver's licence in 1999 at age 25.  I haven't had any accident since 2004 (while still driving 30.000 km/18.650 miles a year), and I'd love to keep it that way (knock on wood)

(5) I love travelling and am always busy planning our next trip (we try to travel abroad at least twice a year, as much as our 20 days off will allow).  There are so many cities and countries out there to be disovered, that we hardly ever go back to a place we already visited.  Asia remains a blank spot on our travel map for the moment, but visiting Hong Kong and Japan are other bucket list entries. My favourite destination so far was Brasil. I cannot wait to get back to South America, if you can imagine falling in love with a continent, I think I did.

(6) Two years ago I discovered the wonderful world of swapping and it led me into a world of crafts I never even knew existed.  I always loved drawing (did art school) and already worked on cross-stitching projects, but I have since then started making jewelry, mixed media projects (bookmarks, matchboxes), ATCs, and a whole lot more.  I haven't updated the crafty section of my blog for more than 6 months (as blogging was put on the backburner for a while), but I will probably start updating it again this weekend, as I have some ATCs to upload.
(7) For almost two years now I am an active lender on Kiva,  the world's first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals like you and me to lend to entrepreneurs around the globe. Over the last 23 months I have contributed by loaning 25 USD at a time to 19 low income entrepreneurs or group of entrepreneurs.  Fighting poverty has never been so easy : by using Kiva I know exactly who my money is loaned to and what they're using it for. And most of all, I know that I'm helping them build a sustainable business that will provide income to feed, clothe, house and educate their family long after my loan is paid back.  I encourage everybody to participate in this project, changing the world, one step at a time.

Now for the nominations, most (if not all) bento blogs I am following, have already been nominated, so I'm not sure which one to nominate.  I'll think this over this weekend and edit this post afterwards.



hapa bento said...

Hi Ceinwyn- I enjoyed reading your 7! I too did not get my driver's license until I was about 24 or 25 years old!! Congratulations on your award!

Lil'chan said...

Hallo ^-^
Du sprichst also Deutsch? Das ist neu, hehe.
Deswegen hier mal ein deutscher Post ;)
Ich bin 23 und habe auch noch keinen Führerschein. Einfach kein Geld =/ Wenn ich eine Anstellung finde, nächstes Jahr, werde ich aber damit beginnen.

Achja, Herzlichen Glückwünsch für den Award!! =^-^=

Ceinwyn said...

@Hapa Bento : Thanks for the comment. In this day and age, I thought I was one of the only ones who joined the motorised species in her mid-twenties. Glad to read that I was wrong. ^-^

@Lil'chan : Danke. ^-^ Ich muss ja zugeben, dass ich in den letzten Jahren kein Deutsch mehr gesprochen habe. Lesen und Sprechen sind immer kein Problem, aber Schreiben geht jetzt schwieriger als früher. Also, meine Entschuldigung for die unvermeidlichen Fehler. Du darfst jedoch deinem Kommentar auf Deutsch schreiben: es wird eine gute Übung für mich sein. ^-^