Eclectic bento box

My bento box of the day is a bit of a mix of all things I had in the fridge, which makes it a bit eclectic flavourwise. Luckily this bento has different compartments which keep the different items well separated.

Clockwise my box has :

* inari sushi with salmon eggs and a bit of gari (I love the sweet and savoury combo of these, but finding aburaage isn't always easy)
* a mix of raw veggies (cucumber/carrot swirl, tomatoes, radish, olives, cuke filled carrot)
* zucchini cake, with takuan/daikon triangles
* clementine and melon balls
* more melon balls and a cupcake of sweet potato/cocosmilk/coriander mash.

The second bento has a tortilla wrap covered with seasoned sour cream, smoked salmon, spring onions and iceberg salad; a baked sweet potato and and the same mix of veggies as in the top one.

As you can tell, nothing special today, so the only thing I have left to say, is to wish all my American friends and readers a

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See ya tomorrow :o)


Lil'chan said...

Nothing special? Your bentos are filled with such a great variation! I wished I could get some salmon eggs here. Would like to try how to cook with them ;) I love the wraps.

Have a nice day =^-^=

べびきん said...

I love inari with salmon eggs and gari, too.
Occasionally, I make salmon eggs.
Such a bento box, I'll be so excited whenever I open. You make beautiful packing.