Mid-week bentos

Yesterday evening was a bit hectic and I didn't have a lot of time to spend on my bentos. So these ones ended up in the quick and easy range :o) But that doesn't mean they aren't tasteful of course!

A little round bento for me today, perfect for leftovers from last night's cappellini alla bolognese.

In the top tier : yellow turnip slices, brocoli, babybel cheese, half of a kumato filled with homemade surimi "salad", cucumber stars and red bell pepper flowers on leek sprouts and 2 green olives to fill in the remaining space.

For those who wonder about the kumato, you should check out this website. It's a sweet, dark tomato, that not only taste devine but looks fabulous in any dish (although granted, you can't see too much of it in the top picture).

The surimi salad is very easy to make and can be used as spread or as a filler for tomatoes or other veggies.

How to :

Take two surimi sticks and roll them open in order to have two small "sheets". Slice them up (horizontally and vertically) until you have small pieces. Mixed these pieces with freshly chopped parsley and chives and add a teaspoon of mayo or sour cream. And that's it :o)

The second bento I made, seemed Ok last night, but looking at the picture now, it seems a bit empty ... :o(

Bento 2 - 04.11.2009

Top tier : smoked salmon/salad/zucchini wraps, olives and a red bell pepper filled with the surimi salad.

Bottom tier : kumato and yellow turnip slices, brocoli, radish and my first attempt at "merging" vegetables. Not the crisp look I was going for but I guess it takes some practicing. Better next time :o)

Bon appetit.

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