First bentos of 2010

December has come and gone and I have been so caught up in all that had to be done before the year came to a close, that I didn't update the blog for more than a month. The time has come however to take up the good habit again of posting my daily bentos.

January 4, 2010 :

The first working day of the year and the first day back at work since Christmas as well, added to the fact that it is freezing outside, you'll understand why my bento had to be as cheerful as possible. :o)

Lots of fruits and veggies in this one as another of my new year resolutions (besides updating this blog more regularly) is to lose weight (again) and between bentos and weightwatchers, I hope I'll be able to write down a pretty minus on the scale by the next Holidays.

Fruit section has lychee, white & blue grapes and clementine pieces. Teriyaki salmon for the proteins, rice for the carbs and a whole range of veggies : romanesco, brocoli, carrot, red & yellow bell pepper, asparagus, green beans, yellow cherry tomatoes, olives and radish. And a mini babybel cheese for the calcium intake :o)

Sweetie's monkey bento had the same ingredients (1) in the bottom tier : teriyaki salmon with white rice and green olives and (2) in the top tier : romanesco, brocoli, carrot, red & yellow bell pepper, green beans, radish and a piece of Beemster cheese.

January 5, 2010 :

More fruit in Tuesday's bento, as I knew I would get home late and I need to have something sweet and healthy to snack on, otherwise I always end up grabbing some (and then some more) chocolates in the office fridge (very yummy but better avoided).

* Fruity : clementine, lychee, pineapple, blue and white grapes, melon, blackberries
* Savoury : brown rice covered with red/yellow bell pepper and green asparagus, sliced mini schnitzels, brocoli, romanesco and snow peas.

The second bento has basmati rice covered with slices of marinated smoked salmon with chives (leftover from the holidays) and the veggie section has all the usual steamed veggies : green beans, bell peppers, romanesco, carrots and snow peas. No yoghurt for dessert that day, so Sweetie got a healty sidecar of melon, blackberries, pineapple and clementine.

January 6, 2010 :

Just one bento for a change today and I used my favourite black sakura bento again.

We had capellini bolognese for dinner last night and because I didn't have any forzen rice left (I should make a new batch tonight), I made more pasta than usual to use it for today's bento. Mixed with some olive oil, apple vinegar, spring onions and smoked ham shreds, the leftover capellini became a yummy pasta salad. Add some healthy vegetables to this salad like brocoli, romanesco, green asparagus and green beens and you have a full bento. An overload of green with a dash of colour thanks to the bell pepper and mini corns (that are sitting on carrot sticks) Fruit section has the usual lychee, white & blue grapes and clementine pieces.

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Lil'chan said...

Juhu! Da bist du wieder. Habe dich schon vermisst. Toll deine Bentos wieder zu sehen. ^-^
Sie sehen alle so lecker aus!