Nicoise Bento

Nicoise Bento

I was planning on taking a salade nicoise for the bento tonight, but I haven't figured out how I can pack lettuce without the leaves becoming all mushy. So this is my alternative for nicoise : steamed potatoes, tuna with black olives, green beans, carrot and an orange tomato with radish and spring onion.

For dessert I have a couple of litchi, a piece of apple, white grapes and a piece of peach.

Bon appetit.


Anonymous said...

You can pack the lettuce leaves just without dressing. I wash them, dry them with a cloth (_the_ greens cloth - or you take paper towels) and pack into the box - done so far. Tomatoes, cucumber or whatever is green stuff can so be packed the evening before. No salt though! You can sprinkle with pepper, you can sprinkle with herbs - whatever you like, but no oily or salty stuff (includes: no milk/diary products). Mix your dressing as you like but bring it separate and just mix shortly before eating. This works fine.

Ingrid said...

Thanks for the tip. I already knew to avoid dressings and salts as they make any vegetable exude their humidity, but I think my problem stems from not drying the lettuce after washing it. I usually shake it well, but never pat it dry. I'll try that soon. Thank you for taking the time to comment.