Meatless Friday Toscana Bento

Meatless Friday Toscana Bento

Last bento of the week before I have a week off and after today, I won't be needing/making any bento until August 30.

For this lunch, I made again a vegetarian bento with another of the Valess products.  If last week I used the filet with chives and camembert, this week it is a Toscana filet, stuffed with tomato and mozarella.  Otherwise for the vegetables, it is a bit deja vu, because reviewing last week vegetables, I just realised I used the same ones : steamed asparagus, sugarsnaps, pumpkin, broccolini and carrot; mixed up with orzo.

The fruit section contains blueberries, peach, dark and yellow plum and a strawberry.

Bon appetit and see you all in a week.

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Anonymous said...

I'm drooling looking at this bento :P Love it!