Salmon Bento

Salmon Bento

I'm on the last straight line to one week off work and I hope these days will fly by, because I am in desperate need of some free time. We're not going away, as P. can't take time off right now, but at this point even a week at home sounds heavenly.

Back to bento. For today's lunch I have some purple rice, baked salmon and an assortment of steamed veggies (babycorn, asparaus, sugarsnaps and zucchini slices),  The fruity vitamins are composed of the usual blue, black and strawberries, plum, apricot and half a saturn peach.

Bon appetit.

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Anonymous said...

I was googling about healthy bento and found your blog. Love your cooking and arrangement of bentos. Keep up the great job. I love your cooking.