Ham Salad Bento

Ham Salad Bento

For a change, no rice, pasta or potatoes in my bento but a bit of bread, ideal to accompany the homemade ham salad in the purple box. The salad (minced ham with 1 Tbs of philadelphia cheese, herbs, onion and radish) is topped with two green asparagus spears.

In the green box, I have a veggie salad composed of yellow tomato, cucumber, carrot, shallot and green asparagus, sprinkled with chives.

Dessert is coordinated with the colour of the box it is in : mini strawberries, blackberries, a sliced up pink lady apple and a little apricot.

Bon appetit.


Kristie said...

your bentos are beautiful! I really love that bento box - where did it come from?

Ingrid said...

Thank you for commenting, Kristie. I found this box on e-bay and although I still had the link, I just checked and the listing has since been removed. The box is called Party Mini, from the Inomata brand. You can see a close-up picture on my flickr. I searched high and low before finally finding it. I hope you'll be just as lucky.