Tomates crevettes bento

Tomate Crevette bento

Today I have a skinny version of a typical Belgian dish in my bento : Tomate-crevettes. Tomate-crevettes can be a starter or a main dish and is basically an raw tomato, emptied out and filled with a shrimp stuffing (peeled sand shrimps with mayonnaise in the original version) which is commonly served with fries and salad. 

Instead of the kcal bomb that is mayonnaise, I used a light petit-suisse and blended everything together, adding a bit of herbs and a radish for more taste.  No fries neither in the bento, but the usual amount of rice and some brocoli and cauliflower rosets for greens. The cherry tomatoes and radishes supply the necessary dash of colour.  For dessert, I have half a nectarine chopped up half and apple and a little apricot underneath it all.

Bon appetit.

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