Fennel Mushroom Risotto Bento

After seeing Gamene's post featuring fennel, I remembered I still had a fennel bulb in the fridge. I bought it a while back, meaning to prepare it with sometype of fish but never came round to it.  Luckily for me, my fridge is an excellent one with the vegetable drawer being at a constant 0 degrees. So more than two weeks after purchase, it was still nice and fresh. :o)

I searched for a recipe that would combine fennel and mushroom as I still had some oyster mushrooms and shitake in that drawer too. And that's when I came across this recipe.  Because cups aren't a regular measuring unit over here, I had to wing it a bit as far as quantities were concerned but it came out perfectly.  To accompany the tasty risotto (containing shitake, oyster mushroom, fennel, asparagus and spring onion), I cooked some steak and added a little tomato skewer and carrot sakura for a bit of colour.  For dessert I have a little sidebox, but I didn't take a picure of it.

Bon appetit.


megan said...

yum, this risotto recipe looks great! i have never tried cooking with fennel, i wonder how the flavor develops as compared to raw. this bento makes me want to try this weekend!

Bentobliss / Ceinwyn / Ingrid said...

Thanks Megan. I think the taste might be less pronounced when it's cooked, although you can still recognise it as fennel (quite a characteristic taste). I should have tasted a piece of the raw one while I was cooking it up, but I have a bad cold at the moment and my tastebuds seem to be out of order. I'll have to try the salad later on.