Falafel bento

Falafel Bento

A quick bento for lunch today, because I just wasn't up to cooking up something special last night. So, I have some taboule (couscous with cucumber, tomato and spring onion), store bought falafel, curried cauliflower with carrots, brocoli and bell pepper on top and for dessert the regular red and black fruits.

Bon appetit.


Natakiya said...

Awesome bento! I love the babybel decoration, so pretty :)

Bentobliss / Ceinwyn / Ingrid said...

Thanks. I wanted to do the checkered pattern I usually use for apples, but unlike the apple skin the waxy cover of the babybel, doesn't stick to the cheese and I have to reposition the little squares because the stuck to the knife.

Mukesh Kumar said...

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