Nameless Bento

I couldn't think of any name for this bento a there isn't really anything that sticks out or characterises it.  It has all the usual vegetables that are crowding my fridge (brussels sprouts, ramiro pepper, snow peas, asparagus, carrots, brocoli, mini corn) which accompanied by a purple rice onigiri and some veal.  Fruits are all blue and red today : grapes, blueberies, blackberries, strawberry and pomegranate seeds.

This will be my last bento of the week. We are having our annual New Year's lunch with the whole office tomorrow in some fancy restaurant, so I don't have to prepare anything for lunch.

Nothing left to do, but to wish you all a great weekend.

See you back on Monday.

1 comment:

Natakiya said...

It's a beautiful bento, even without a name! I love the variety of fruit :)