Mini burger bento

Mini Burger Bento

For the first bento after a very long absence, I chose my M4SB ... nothing I put in this box can ever go wrong (even if I am a bit rusted in the bento making). As far as the content goes, nothing fancy today : potatoes for carbs, mini burgers for protein, mini zucchini, sugarsnaps, green asparagus and mini corn for greens and dessert is made up of white grapes, clementine wedges, a piece of apple and a little babybel cheese.

According to scientists the third Monday of January, called "Blue Monday", is the most depressing day of the year. As if to prove them wrong, I am in an excellent mood today : although it is freezing outside, the sun is shining, the air is crisp and frost is making everything glisten like little diamonds.

I am bursting with energy and ready to start a new workweek. Are you?

Have a nice week everybody !

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Judy said...

Looks yummy! Love that box too!