Polpette bento

Polpette bento

Yesterday was a bentoless day, but today I am back in my routine ... and **rolling drum** I am packing one of the coveted Lunchbots :o)  I found them all on amazon.uk, including the trio and insulated bowl, but for some odd reason they refused to ship it across the Channel.  So, I had to continue the search and I found some on a Dutch site, specialised in organic stuff. I still want the trio and quad ones as well as the insulated bowl, but I have a few new boxes to work with now. And did you see?  The cover is purple <3.

Today's bento main ingredients are polpette, italian veal meatballs, which are accompanied by some black rice, brocoli, carrots, snowpeas, green asparagus and mini corn slices.  I need to buy more fruit today, so I just have an apple for dessert.

Bon appetit.

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sheri fujihara chen said...

I love your purple Lunchbot! I wish I had one now... even though I have the Uno already :D
Your polpette looks super nice with black rice! Delish :)