Cordon Bleu Bento

Running out of time so the post will be very short.  I tried the duo lunchbots today to pack my bento.  Not completely convinced by this separation, but I'll have to try a few times to get the hang of it.

In the left part I have a small cordon bleu, with snowpeas and carrots, covered with brocoli rosets. On the right side, I have some basmati rice covered with a mushroom stew (brown mushrooms and shitake, apple and a bit of goat cheese), decorated with asparagus, carrot and yellow cherry tomato.

Bon appetit.


Lia Chen said...

Looks delicious! Are you happy with your Lunchbots bento box? We don't have it here. Have to order it online but I'm not sure whether they can send it to Indonesia.

sheri fujihara chen said...

Gosh that looks super hearty!
At first I thought the yellow thing was an egg in puff pastry but I like the effect of tomato in carrot ribbon! The Duo is my favorite; I like the separation.

Cooking Gallery said...

Your bentos all look so delicious! I love chicken cordon bleu :).

Lambert Cale said...

looks delicious full, you gave me an idea on what to fill on my bent box on special day. I have several traditional boxes which I got here and I'm looking for yummy recipes to fill this up. Your blog is packed with ideas. Thanks