Candlemas Bento

In the christian (catholic?) tradition, one celebrates Candlemas on February 2.  Depending on whether you live north or south of the linguistic border, you will either call it Maria Lichtmis (Flanders) or Chandeleur (Wallonia).  But no matter where you are in Belgium and regardless of the name you give to this Feast, a recurrent item is ... the crêpe (pannenkoeken in Dutch).

In order to honor the tradition, my bento of the day holds savoury (for the recipe see this old post) and sweet crêpes.  The savoury crêpes are filled with zucchini and ham, decorated with weaved zucchini peel and a little radish and accompanied by some steamed cauliflower and brocoli rosets.  Dessert has a little sweet crêpe aumonière filled with strawberry and banana and the usual suspects from the fruit department : grapes, strawberry, apple, blackberries and pomegranate.

Bon appetit.

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AikoVenus said...

This is a really interesting bento - I like it! ^^ Its so pretty and looks so delicious!