Stuffed zucchini bento

Stuffed zucchini bento

After spending a weekend with hot tea, cake (because I bake when I feel crappy), tablets and a box of tissues, I have to go out and confront the world again today.  I don't feel up to it. I have been struggling with a very annoying cold for the better part of the past week and despite the amount of medication I throw into the battle, the victory over the germs is still not in view :o(

But I keep going ... I'm not going to let some louzy germs rule my world.

For lunch today, I have a round zucchini stuffed with pork/beef ground meat, white rice, a bit of tomato sauce (tomatoes, olives, zucchini), steamed brocoli florets and a cherry tomato.  Fruits are the regulars.

Bon appetit and happy Monday !

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