Chicken Burger Bento

Chicken Burger Bento - 31.01.2011

I spent the whole weekend being sick and feeling miserable, so I was not really in the mood to make an elaborate bento last night.  The savoury part only has some steamed potatoes, mini chicken burgers and braised mini endives (witloof). Considering that the only ingredients to be counted are the cooking oil, potatoes and chicken burgers, this bento is very low on points, only 5 WW propoints.

As I need as much vitamins as I can get at the moment, I packed the second tier full of fruits : white grapes, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, apple, clementine wedges and some pomegranate seeds.  With all this healthy stuff, I should be back to good health in no time.

No bento post tomorrow as I am having a business lunch then and I can't really show up at the restaurant with my bento and furoshiki :o)  But I'll be back on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, bon appetit !

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Lia Chen said...

So amazing that you can still manage to make this beautiful bento even though you are not feeling really well. Hope you are feeling better with this nutritious bento :)