Chicken Sausage Bento

Chicken sausage bento - 25.01.2011

First of all, yes I am aware that the furoshiki I used as a background is in bad need of ironing, but as the main focus of the picture is supposed to be the bento, I thought that all in all it didn't look too bad. Call it artistic freedom :o)

When looking at all the bento boxes last night and considering which one to pick for today's lunch, I was again drawn to my favourite M4SB, with its colourful compartments. As usual I didn't really plan on the box to be (rather) colour coordinated but halfway through packing, I realised I was doing it again ... OCD anyone? :o)

Anyway, today I will be having a sliced up chicken sausage, green veggies (being romanesco, edamame, snowpeas, cucumber slices and green asparagus tips), steamed potatoes with spring onion and the usual fruit selection i.e. grapes, clementine, strawberries and two banana chip slices.

And all this for a total points value of  9,5 WW propoints.

Bon appetit !

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Lyndsey said...

You're right! I didn't notice the background until you pointed it out...too busy checking out the M4SB. Nice work, I really need to find one of those for myself!