Salade Liegeoise Bento

Salade liegeoise bento - 27.01.2011

As I was feeling a bit under the weather last night (and unfortunately not any better today), I didn't feel like whipping up something extra special for my bento.  Quick and tasty were my only objectives.  So I opted for another typical Belgian dish to add to my bento : Salade Liegeoise, although in a slightly less calorific version.
Salade Liegeoise, is a one pan dish that is usually eaten hot, but which you can eat at room temperature too so perfect for bento.  It is a mix of green beans, potatoes, onions and bacon although I substituted the bacon by diced ham.  I didn't know it was "popular" outside my little country's frontiers, but apparently the recipe even made it to the New York Times at one point :o)

So, for lunch today I have : some salade Liegeoise, more ramiro pepper/beansprouts stirfy, carrot kinpira, a few green asparagus tips, a few radishes for decoration and some zucchini slices as a baran. Like the previous days, the fruity vitamins consist of strawberries, white grapes, blackberries, blueberries, apple, half a banana and a few clementine wedges.

As the only ingredients to be counted are the oil, potatoes and ham, this bento is very low on points, only 6 WW propoints.

This also happens to be my last bento for this work week, as we are having or corporate New Year's Lunch tomorrow at noon and I don't have to pack anything.

See you all next week and I hope you'll have a great weekend!

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