Chicons au gratin bento

Chicons au gratin bento

Today's bento features a typical Belgian dish : (Belgian) Endives rolls, locally knows as Chicons au gratin (in French) or Witloofgratin (in Dutch). Basically these are braised endives, rolled in a slice of ham, covered with bechamel (or as I did cheese sauce - although I didn't add any liquids to the bento) and generously sprinkled with grated cheese, before getting a tan in a hot oven.

It is a typical winter dish as well, as endives are very much in season now.  I always go for the field-grown variety as I find those more savoury and less bitter than their greenhouse counterparts.

So besides, the endives, my bento has a few cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots and cucumber slices.  The sweet dessert portion consists of half a banana, white grapes, apple and a few strawberries.  And all this for a total points value of  6,5 WW propoints.

Bon appetit !

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Andi said...

I love the smell of endive (it is my husband's favorite) but I don't like the taste (trop amer) - so disappointing!