St. Patrick's Day bento

St Patrick's Day bento #1 - 17.03.2010

Not a drop of Irish blood is running through my veins, nor is Lá Fhéile Pádraig celebrated around these parts, but any holiday involving drinks, food and having a jolly good time in general is worth dedicating a bento to :o)

In my pursuit of using green items, I clearly went "a bit" overboard but the sun is shining, trees are budding, the birdies are singing to their heart's content and they even announced a peak of 18°C for tomorrow, so I think I am entitled to some green euphoria :o)

My Paddy Day bento has green rice (coloured using Maki's technique posted on with a cucumber peel shamrock in a green lettuce cradle, brocolini, asperagus, baby pak choi, brocoli sprouts, leftover sausage covered with snowpeas, goat cheese maki and a orange bell pepper heart for that dash of colour. :o)

The fruit section is equally green with granny apple, grapes, kiwi slices and kiwi berries, separated from the rest with cucumber baran. And for the final touch, as Easter is nearing, pistacchio Easter eggs :o)

St Patrick's Day bento #1 - 17.03.2010

Sweetie's bento is also ... green, what did you expect? :o) It has as usual roughly the same ingredients : green rice with a cucumber peel shamrock, leftover sausage, snowpeas & sugarsnaps, goat cheese maki, carrot slices and orange bell pepper hearts. On the other side of the cucumber baran : granny apple, grapes, nashi, kiwi slices, kiwi berries and a little Easter egg.


Lil'chan said...

Wow, deine Bentos sehen wirklich klasse aus! So schön grün ^.^ Wirklich sehr passend zum Feiertag. Ich hoffe es hat so geschmeckt wie es aussieht, nämlich wunderbar! ;)
Und dein Foto ist auch wundervoll dekoriert. Wirklich wunderschön.

bentobird said...

This symphony in green makes me think not only of St Patty's but all of the vivid and delicate shades of green emerging all around us...