The nameless bento

Ok, the title of this post is lame, but frankly there's isn't anything special that stands out in this bento and as my mom says "if you don't know what to say, better say nothing at all". So there you go.

This bento has a few leftover items in it : the sliced meatballs are from last night's dinner and there was still a bit of vitelotte mash left, so I took that one along as well. For the veggies I have red lettuce (under the meat), brocolini (finally found some in the stores last weekend), sugar snaps and two cherry tomatoes/mozarella/mini corn skewers. The fruit part of the bento has black and white grapes, kiwiberries, half a strawberry, blueberries, plum, nectarin, clementine and a slice of kiwano (see more about that below).

P. only took a fruit snack to the office today as a lunch meeting had been sheduled.


Ok, so most of my friends know that I can't resist anything marked new or looking unfamiliar while grocery shopping. I'm the dream of any marketeer : the volunteer human guinea pig :o)

Anyway, this fruit is the result of that weakness. I saw this strange looking thing in the exotic fruits section and I just had to buy it (truthful to my "try everything at least once" motto). Kiwano : the name sounded promising and called to mind images of sunny tropical islands. Needless to say that I had high expectations...

and it didn't live up to it. It doesn't have any particular taste and could best be compared to a lightly sweetened cucumber. Very fresh (even for a fruit that has to stay out of the fridge) but otherwise tasteless. It looks pretty as decoration but I will pass on this one next time around. Definetely not worth its price.

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Lil'chan said...

Du hast absolut recht. Kiwano sind zu teuer für ihren Geschmack, aber dafür sehen sie sehr toll aus =)
Dein violettes Törtchen ist wirklich ein toller Farbfleck im Bento. Und es sieht aus, als würdest du Obst wirklich lieben ;)