Lemongrass scampi & beef/pork patty bento

Lemongrass scampi bento - 16.03.2010

Two slightly different bento for me and P. today, as both the scampi and the minced meat had to be cooked up before they turned bad. I know that the date on the packages is indicative and says "best before" and not "unfit for consumption after", but still, I don't like taking risks.

My faithful sakura bento (I love that one so much, I keep using this one every single time) has some white rice topped with bellpepper flowers, scampis stirfried with scallions and lemongrass surrounded by carrot baran, a cherry tomato, brocolini and green asperagus covered with snowpeas, some cauliflower roses and carrot kinpira to the left. The whole veggie section is separated from the fruits by red lettuce leafs, and those fruits are the usual clementine, grapes, plums and nectarine.

Beef patty bento - 16.03.2010

P. has a lunch bento and a dessert sidecar today. The lunch bento consists of beef/pork patties with scallion and red onion, white rice topped with red pepper flowers and surrounded by red lettuce baran, brocolini with snowpeas and sugar snaps, carrot kinpira, a cherry tomato and the last of the mozzarella balls.

The dessert sidecar holds beside the usual fruits (clementine, grapes, plums, nectarine, apple and nashi), also a small cup of the spring edition M&Ms I found during grocery shopping last weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful bentos! Everything looks so delicious and beautifully arranged!

Lil'chan said...

Ich bin wirklich jedes Mal hin und weg von deinen Bento. Ich mag es wie viele verschiedene Sachen du hinein packst. Mir selbst fällt das noch unendlich schwer! Ich wünsche dir einen guten Appetitt! ;)