Chinese Buckwheat Crepes Bento

Chinese Crepes Bento

During the heatwave that came over our little country these last few days, standing in the heat in the kitchen was the last thing on my wishlist.  Hence the lack of bento, since the beginning of the week.

Temperatures are again down to a more manageable 25 degrees, so I decided I could make myself a bento for tomorrow.  I made savoury buckwheat crepes and stuffed them with chicken and a selection of stirfry veggies.  For seasoning, I used grated ginger, shoju, liquid honey, lime zeste and lime juice.  

For dessert, I have some mirabelle plums, blackberries and a couple of bigarreau cherries.  I am learning to eat cherries and although the regular ones are still definitely a no-no, these ones are becoming a favourite.

Bon appetit.

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