Terriyaki Pork Noodle Bento

Pork terriyaki stirfry bento

Works are being executed in the kitchen since last week and I think that at least for the rest of the week or so, I will be without a cooker. I only have the microwave, the oven and (lucky me) an electric wok to prepare dinner right now. As these works weren't really planned (gas leak), last week was a bit of a balancing act in the gourmet department and preparing bentos wasn't high on the priority list. Nevertheless eating sandwiches for lunch is becoming a bit boring, so I tried to make myself again a bento for the first day of the week.

As usual my two tier bento has a savoury and a sweet compartment. The savoury tier consists of a noodle terriyaki pork stirfry with snowpeas, yellow bellpepper, mushrooms and a bit of green cabbage with a cheese sakura for decoration. The fruity vitamins for Monday are white grapes, orange, pear and kiwi slices and a piece of apple with a sakura cutout.

So no special pink bento or hearts galore, but nonetheless I wish everybody out there a

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Uniflame said...

I don't eat meat, but it still looks great! I love the simple decoration you made. It got style :)

OhayoBento said...

This looks delicious! Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful how you've managed to whip up such an awesome bento anyway! :)

Cooking Gallery said...

I just got my first bento box and look forward to making bento myself. Yours looks really good and delicious too :)!