Garlic Chicken Bento

Chicken Bento

After a hiatus of a couple of months and lots of changes in my life, I am trying to get back into the bento groove and what better way to do that, than by just making one in the famous M4SB.

Obviously, I am a bit out of (bento) shape, so this new first one is relatively simple : some stirfried veggies (leek, bean sprouts, bell pepper and cabbage), potato salad and some ovenbacked garlic chicken. Quite a few fruits for dessert too : apricot, nectarine, apple, kiwi gold and strawberries.

Bon appetit !


Andi said...

Welcome back - looking forward to your next bento adventures.

Ceinwyn / Ingrid said...

Thanks for dropping by, Andi. I'll have to catch up on your writings too. I feel like I have been out of touch for an eternity.