Bami Goreng Bento

Bami Goreng Bento

Today I am trying out a new red two-tier box I got as a free gift with a bento cookbook. OK, I'll admit that the box was the main reason for buying the book ... I always live up to the marketeers' expectations ;o)

As for the contents of the box, I am not really excelling in originality. And although I do tend to eat with my eyes too, sometimes producing something tasty is just that tiny bit more important than delivering a picture perfect dish. So please bear with my rather unattractive bento.

The bottom tier has some leftover bami goreng from last night's dinner : stirfried noodles with chicken, omelette and assorted vegetables. The top tier has some carrot and cheese sticks in between slices of tuna cake and the usual fruity vitamins : apricot, nectarine, apple, kiwi gold and a strawberry.

Smakelijk !


Andi said...

I have never heard of tuna cake that sounds yummy, I love anything with tuna in it!

Ceinwyn / Ingrid said...

Actually this one was store bought, but savoury cakes are as easy to make at home as sweet ones, and of course the possibilities are endless. I am quite a tuna fan myself :o)