Coconut Lemon Chicken Stirfry

Coconut Lemon Chicken Stirfry - 07.02.2011

I didn't spend a lot of time preparing my bento last night as I was too caught up in following the progression of the bushfires in Roleystone, Western Australia. A very close and dear friend of mine is living in that area and being on the other side of the world, there wasn't a lot I could do except watch and pray that he and his loved ones would stay safe from harm. Meanwhile, we did manage to make contact today and I am so relieved that they're all doing OK and that he managed to save his home after battling the fires all through the night.

Back to the bento. As I didn't want to spent a lot of time in the kitchen away from the news updates, I stirfried some strips of chicken thights with a mixed assortment of veggies (carrots, bell peppers, zucchini, sugarsnaps, ...) all seasoned with a ready made coconut & lime spice mix. And that's what I had for lunch today. Because I didn't add any noodles, rice or potatoes, this is a low points value bento, only 6 points for the chicken and the oil. Decorations are cucumber slices topped with black & regular sesame seeds.


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