Beef chimichurri bento

Chimichurri Bento 

After a long hiatus, I am back to bento (again). I need to get on the diet train (again) as well, so doing both at the same time seems appropriate. 

For lunch today, I have the leftovers from last night's dinner : Beef Chimichurri. I doubt that it is the true version of the Argentinian dish, but it's the one I make and that is liked by all joining me at the dinner table. Looking back to my last post back in February, it seems I am still on my tour around the world. :o)

So in the bottom tier, beef chimichurri with snowpeas, corn and red bell pepper, accompanied by rice, a small sauce container and a little cucumber skewer for decoration. In the top tier, I have two mini strawberry clafoutis I made yesterday, as well as the usual fruity vitamins i.e. apple, apricot, plum and strawberries. 

Buen provecho.

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