Thai Green Curry Chicken bento

The last day of the week brings more Asian flavours in my bento. For me savoury, "exotic" foods are the perfect remedy to forget about the grey and cold weather outside : sunshine in a box :o) And Lord knows, we could use some cheering up on the weather department.

So, for today's bento, I came back to the M4SB, an old time favourite. It holds white basmati rice sprinkled with sesame seeds, thai green curry chicken (with peppers and green beens), a carrot/daikon/edamame salad, with some leftover springrolls and of course the usual fruits. It was the first time I tried packing leftover springrolls and I was quite disappointed that they turned out to be completely soggy by lunchtime. The taste was still OK, but texture left a lot to be desired.

How to Thai Green Curry Chicken :

[Green curry chicken recipe will be added later tonight]

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Have a nice weekend and see you back on Monday ! :o)


OhayoBento said...

Hope you have a great weekend yourself! I've never had green curry, sounds great though!

sherimiya said...

Looks delish; fun box!