Peas & ricotta moelleux bento

Peas & ricotta moelleux bento #2 - 08.04.2010

Another day, another bento ... and we're Thursday again already. The weekend is almost there ... I can smell its sweet scent, beckoning me :o) But I still have to more working days to go, which will need lunch-boxes.

Today's bento has a moelleux as center piece.  I looked for the correct English word, but couldn't find it.  A moelleux is in fact a cake with a soft core.  The most famous example would be a moelleux au chocolat, a chocolate cake with a gooey centre.  The cake in the bento is a savoury variation of that concept, although the core is clearly not runny like the chocolate version.  The recipe for these cakes can be found below.

My bento has white rice with green asparagus layered on top, brussels sprouts, steamed broccoli, a moelleux with ricotto and peas, and some cordon bleu pieces (breaded veal scallop with gruyère and ham in the centre). The vitamins can be found in grapes, blueberries, nectarine, oranges and cantaloup balls.

Peas & ricotta moelleux bento #1 - 08.04.2010

The second bento has the same ingredients except for the veggies, because brussels sprouts are a no-no in my other half's bento and Sweetie isn't too fond of broccoli neither. So I replaced those by green beans, snow peas and sugar snaps ... also green greens, but different ones.

How-to Moelleux Ricotta & peas (for 9  pieces):

Ingredients :

* 100g (frozen) peas
* 140g ricotta
* 3 eggs
* 20g grated cheese (gruyère)
* 60g all purpose flour
* 25 cl milk
* 40g demi-sel butter (i.e.lightly salted butter)
* salt & pepper

Cook the peas in salted boiling water for 10 minutes.  Drain and mash them and mix with the ricotta.

Preheat the oven to 210°C.

In a bowl, wisk the eggs as it to make scrambled eggs.  Add progressively the sifted flour, while mixing with a fork.

In a pan heat the milk with the diced butter.  When the butter has melted, pour the warm milk in the bowl with the egg/flour mixture. Mix and add the peas/ricotta mash.  Mix again and season with pepper.

Pour the dough into 9 individual recipients, sprinkle with the grated cheese.

Bake for approximately 20 minutes (according to the size of your molds).

Let them cool slightly before taking them out of the molds.

My talented bento friend Lia from MyBentolicious surprised me yet again by passing on two awards to me.  I'm paying it forward to all my fellow bentoists whose blogs are such an inspiration to me.  Feel free to grab the badges here :o)

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sherimiya said...

Moelleux Ricotta & peas sounds yummy! So pretty and colorful. Lovely bento.

Lia Chen said...

Learn a lot about so many different kind of foods from your blog. Very nice in your bento :)

bentobird said...

I love the explosion of spring colors in this bento--really delightful, Ingrid!