Creole turkey bento

Creole Turkey Bento #1 - 06.04.2010

We just had a three day weekend (Easter Monday is a holiday in Belgium) that passed way too quickly, as usual. I sometimes think I wouldn't mind two day workweeks and 5 day weekends, but on the other hand, I guess you have to work for a longer time to really enjoy the time off :o) On the positive side, it will be weekend again in 4 days ... yay.

Today's bento is not sophisticated. I have been busy with creative things this whole weekend and didn't think about what I would pack for bento, until it was already quite late.

So my lunch is composed of white rice with some cheese decoration, creole turkey with baby mushrooms (leftover from diner), green beans and sugar snaps for that dash of colour. I used some slices of spinach savoury cake (which I found in the frozen bento stash) as a baran to separate the savoury from the sweet. The fruit section has my usual fruits : grapes, plums, nectarine, apple, strawberry, blueberries.

Creole Turkey #2 - 06.04.2010

Same thing for P.'s bento, nothing to add.

And to end this post I just wanted to show off what I baked this weekend : oriental cupcakes. :o)

The cupcake has almonds in it (powder and pieces) and is flavoured with cinnamon and orange flower water. Because I didn't have any rose water left (it met an untimely end on the kitchen floor), I flavoured the white chocolate and cream frosting with orange flower water again and used food colouring in order to have it look orangy. I wanted it to be a rather funky orange but it ended up way more pastel, oh well. They were delicious and that's what counts in the end, right?


Lia Chen said...

Delicious as always! Interesting apple cuts there and so much colors in fruits section. The cupcake looks great ... love almond, never tried that flavor that you made but I bet it's yummy :)

megan said...

your "simple" creole bentos still display wonderful cutting techniques, not to mention tasty flavor combos! and those cupcakes look absolutely DIVINE!

bentobird said...

Yummy! The taspestry of tastes in both cupcake and bento look intoxicating...I love rich layers of flavor!

sherimiya said...

Wow, sure does look delish! Great shot of the cupcake too! Wish I could taste that one!

Ceinwyn / Ingrid said...

@Lia : thank you for your kind comment. ANything with cinnamon and orange flower water reminds me of Morocco (hence the oriental). If you like almonds, I'm sure you would have loved these.

@Megan : you are way too kind. But thank you :o)

@Bentobird : your comments always read like poetry. Hard to believe that my humble bento inspired your sweet comment.