Chinese takeaway bento

Chinese takeaway bento - 09.04.2010

I was dead tired yesterday evening, the result of sleeping for a mere 4,5 hours the night before. Because I didn't feel up to cooking, we had Chinese takeaway for dinner and the fact that there were leftovers, allowed me to take this bento to work today without any culinary nor creative effort from my part. I love cooking and bento, don't get me wrong, but every once in a while, it's nice to have someone else do it for you :o)

So the M4SB has fried rice, babi panggang (according to wiki, it's known in "English" as Char Siu), pork in satay sauce, a bit of chop suey (which I spread over the two meat sections) and lychees for dessert.

I also added a fortune cookie I had in the cupboard (I bought a box of them when they were in the supermarket on the occasion of the lunar new year -> we don't get these in Chinese restaurants over here). The fortune cookie is bilingual (Dutch on one side and French on the other) and today's fortune is : "You have the talent to create order in disorder". Hmm ... if you saw the state of my desk, you'd pray for that talent to manifest itself soon. :o)

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Have a great weekend everyone and "see" you next Monday!


Lia Chen said...

Oh no! If I just got 4,5 hours sleeping then I will walk like a zombie in the next morning hehehe :D M4SB bento looks yummy! And you've got those fortune cookies too ... I love that. Have a nice weekend Ingrid!

Anonymous said...

It looks great!

Did you actually eat the cookie? I don't like them, but you're probably not even meant to LOL.

sherimiya said...

Looks good! Nice to have a ready made bento. I am jealousof your lychees...waiting and waiting for lychee season in summer...