Deconstructed Tuna Burger Bento

Hello people,

Long time no see !

I know I have gone MIA for a while but bento is like a healthy addiction and although there might be times that you don't feel like making them anymore, you know you'll always go back to it in the end. I am no exception to the rule, thankfully ... or unfortunately, that's for you to decided. :o)

Anyway, for lunch today I brought this bento to the office.  The box is new and I scored it for just 2 EUR.  I liked the fact that although it was still my favourite single tier set-up, it still allowed some clean separation of the different elements composing my lunch.

Deconstructed Tuna Burger Bento

This is actually the same lunch I had over the weekend but not yet put together : a delicious tuna burger sandwich.  So in the box, I have a tuna burger, iceberg lettuce topped with a sliced onion, tomato slices, alfalfa shoots, rucola and the little sakura container has a mix of light mayonnaise and sweet mustard. On the side a homebaked Dutch Crunch Bun to complete the burger.  On the other side of the box, I added a little leek and ham savoury cake with some purple carrots sticks and for dessert, a couple of failed macaron shells, pomegrenate, litchi and blueberry.

The recipe to the bread and tuna burger can be found over here on my new cooking blog Kitchen Tales of Sugar & Spice.  Same goes for the little savoury cakes, of which the recipe was posted here.

Bon appetit !

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Joanna said...

Wow! So beautiful. I love how you put it together to be so pretty!